This is an exhaustive course that covers all the aspects of Ind AS 21 Effects of changes in foreign exchange rates.  The course consists of eight lessons that covers the objectives, scopes & benefits, functional currency, foreign operations, presentation currency, monetary & non-monetary assets, recognition & measurement of foreign currency transactions, treatment of exchange differences in the books of accounts, methodology for translation to presentation currency and certain other miscellaneous topics like intra-group transactions, goodwill as well as treatment of disposal of foreign operations.  There is also an assignment which the student is required to complete before getting the certificate for completing the course.

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Derivatives accounting explains what is meant by a derivative. Various forms of Equity derivatives are explained giving the risk reward scenario for such instruments. Equity Futures and pricing of equity futures are explained along with accounting for equity futures. Equity Options are explained in separate lesson along with the pricing of such options and accounting for the same. 

After completing the lessons take the final quiz and complete the assignment. On completion of all the above you can download and print your own certificate.

Ind AS 101 deals with the issues faced by an entity while adopting Ind ASs for the first time.  This course gives an outline of the objective of this standard, the broad steps that are necessary while implementing Ind AS 101.  This course explains what is meant by the first Ind AS financial statements, the road map for Phase I and II, the steps to be taken while preparing the opening balance sheet which is the starting point.  The various mandatory exceptions and optional exemptions provided in the accounting standard are listed in this course.  This course explains the various components of the first Ind AS compliant financial statements prepared by an entity.

Ind AS 109 is the converged version of IFRS 9.  Ind AS 109 covers financial instruments from the perspective of an investor. This course deals with the recognition, classification, measurement and subsequent measurement of financial instruments.  This course also deals with the reclassification and derecognition of financial assets and financial liabilities. This course covers the new impairment methodology known as the expected credit loss model in a nutshell.